The Angry Economist

Angry Finance, Angry Business, Angry Politics…


I am the Angry Economist and welcome to my blog. As you can probably tell from my posts my major interests are business, finance and economics… with just a bit of politics to mix things up!

What really gets my blood boiling is how complicated mainstream media and the financial sector in general make finance seem to the outside world. The aim of this blog is to cut through the rubbish and explain what is going on and how you can profit from it, in plain and simple English.

Throughout this blog I try to give meaningful insight into world events as well as how to go about taking advantage of the situation through financial markets. I also try to take on the markets myself each quarter in the Portfolio which you can check regularly to see my allocation and my no doubt miserable performance.

If you have any questions, queries or comments please feel free to email me through the comments section. Enjoy.